Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Some Zzzzz's...So Where Is My Energy?!?

It is no secrete that I've struggled with sleep. I've before declared myself some what of an insomniac.

The odd thing that I am dealing with now is that I am getting a fairly decent nights sleep (for me that's about 7 hours) and still feeling exhausted during the day.

My theory is that the first half of summer was littered with nights I would only clock in 3 hours of sleep. I was on the go all the time. The funny thing is that although I was tired I always had the energy. Now I think with my schedule becoming slightly less hectic I am finally slowing down enough to realize how tired I've been.

I've always been the type of person who just pops right up when I hear the alarm. Usually I'm already awake anyway. Recently I hit snooze a million times and after that my hubby literally has to pull me out of bed. All day it is hard for me to get moving. I have small spurts of energy but nothing that is sustained. I've even had urges to take up napping which I've never done or liked to do in the past.

I guess my question for you fabulous friends is what are your tips for staying alert durring the day? I need some advice! I do have a cup of caffeine in the morning but then I switch over to decaf for the rest of the day. Should I considering upping my caffiene intake? I did in the beginning of the summer and I seemed to have much more energy...but then it was harder to stay asleep at night. Grrrrr!


Jonelle said...

I wouldn't recommend increasing your caffeine intake. I would recommend shutting down your computer at about 8pm and settling in the bedroom to decompress - read a book, watch some tv and it doesn't hurt to take a Benedryl at night (that's what I do).

Napping wouldn't be a bad idea - though I wouldn't exceed an hour.

Sey said...

quantity vs. quality of sleep. I think you should get enough of the latter than the former.

Before, I sleep 4 hours and it's enough for me to have the energy I needed for the day. Afterwards, I started going to bed early but it only made me feel sleepy during the day.

I think your body is adjusting with your way of sleeping.

Go to bead early as Jonelle suggested, read books and relax your mind. Too much thinking before sleeping is also exhausting.

Kristine said...

I wouldn't recommend more caffeine. Do you eat a lot of sugar or carbs? I'm up from 4am to 10pm for my two jobs and I spoke with my Physical Therapist about how to keep my energy flow. She told me to keep the sugar/carbs low because it spikes up ur sugar level and then you lose energy. And try to eat meals with high protien and some fat. Like eggs, almonds, penut butter, meat, avacado...she told me that those things should help keep the energy level.

But upping caffeine isnt a good idea, you'll end up surving through out the day on caffeine and constantly upping your in take.

♥ Helen said...

I am sorry you feel out of energy, I hope you will find the right sleeping routine very soon.

Meg O. said...

Gosh, I am in the same boat as you. I have always been a tired person. Any tips you find out, pass my way!!! lol