Saturday, August 27, 2011


Thank you for all the suggestions as far as my fatigue goes. It was not that I wasn't getting enough sleep (sometimes that IS the case, but not lately). It was just a general feeling of being tired no matter what. I have found that Kristine's tip of getting more protein has helped. I do eat a lot of carbs, and I still plan on doing that because I am a runner. But I substituted one of my snacks which is rich in carbs for a snack (usually nuts) that is rich in protein and I seem to benefit from that. I'm not saying it is a cure-all...but it DOES help. Thanks Kristine! :)

I have been doing well with staying grateful for the little blessings that NOT having a child provide. I have been in an artsy mood lately and have been able to sprawl out all my supplies on the floor with out worrying about a baby crawling by and getting into beads, chains, charms, etc. Here are a couple of my latest creations-

I hope you ladies have a marvelous weekend. I have a RARE Saturday with no definite plans or obligations...I am going to enjoy it!


♥ Helen said...

The earring is amazing ツ

Sey said...

I'm happy that you got some energy. I love the earring. Labor of love and unique.

Kristine said...

I'm glad to hear that the protien help. I need to take my own advice. Its just so hard because I love carbs and I guess protein is alway last on my last. But I can feel myself suffering.

And you really should eat more protein more often, those earings are amazing!!