Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Relaxation -- 5 Ways To Treat Yourself Like A Queen

Part of my New Years Resolution to find balance involves making the time to relax. Yes, I struggle with slowing down and truly finding a calm in the midst of a hectic schedule. I think many women have this issue so I decided to create a list of 5 easy and affordable ways to chill out!

1) Light a candle in your favorite scent. A pleasant smell filling the air will make you feel happy and the ambiance of a candle is calming. The nice thing is even if your busy around the house or plugging away the office you can reap the benefits of a burning candle.

2) Schedule an at home spa day. Sometimes I find these DIY spa days even more relaxing than the salon spa packages. The key is to schedule them in advance. If this means finding a babysitter or taking a little PTO from work so be it! Have your supplies ready and go to town. If you enjoy pedi's get a special foot cream. If you adore facials by a clay face mask and treat yourself to a deep cleansing. Draw yourself a bubble bath, light some candles, and grab your favorite book or magazine. It will do wonders for your emotional well-being.

3) Take a walk. Ahhhh, the wind in your face can truly be a mood lifter. Focus on deep inhalation and exhalation so that you are able to calm your body and your mind. If it is sunny you will get the added benefits of a little vitamin D.

4) Too cold in your area to enjoy a walk? Attend a relaxation yoga class! Most yoga studios or gyms offer classes specifically for relation and to "detox" after a long day or week. The gentile stretches and consternation on breath will leave you feeling more refreshed than you can imagine.

5) Pour yourself a cup of warm coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and grab your favorite snack. Then pop in your favorite movie or TV show. Unwind and forget about the stresses of the day. Be sure that you enjoy your beverage or snack slowly...truly savor it rather than gulping it down.

Do you sometimes have difficulty making time for yourself to relax? Remember that it is not at all selfish to treat yourself, when you take care of yourself than you are better equipped to take care of others! Share with me some of the ways you like to treat yourself. Have a wonderful day queens! :-)

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