Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Way To Go Nicole Richie!

I have always felt bad for Nicole Richie....having delt with a serious eatting disorder myself, I could always tell Nicole was struggling. She was so skin-and-bone a few years back that I honestly feared for her life.

I discovered some reasent photographes of her leaving the gym, and I must say I am very proud of her! She looks healthy and fit. She is in shape but NOT scary skinny.

Keep up the good work Nicole! I am cheering you, and any other Hollywood fashionista who is able to get healthy after being skin and bone.


Sey said...

Wow, I never seen this picture before. She looks healthy and I like her this way rather than the skinny body. I'll cheer for her too!

Kristine said...

i agree. it's nice to see her back on track and looking healthy. We need more focus on people taking care of themselves and less on glorifying people's terrrible decisions in life.