Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Seasons Of Life

I am sure I have blogged about the different seasons of life at some point but I feel it is so relevant that I am going to write about it again.

Basically we all have different seasons that we flow through at points in our life. Some seasons are marked with hardship and we struggle through them. Some are filled with joy and we marvel in their blessings. Some are marked with growth, some are seemly stagnant.

Recently I have moved from the "career" focused woman who is married to an equally career focused man to the season of motherhood and settling in. I have sped up and slowed down all at once. Finding balance has been crucial. I have experienced, as is typical for me, a sense of loss while bidding one season goodbye. However this time with my migration from one season to the next I have learned to truly reflect on my prior season and fill my heart with thankfulness for the opportunities it presented. I am entering a point in my life that I feel I have more clarity and vision. I could be sad that I am not able to be as involved with my work as before. I could feel lonely with out seeing my "work friends" as often...but I don't. Through prayer and meditation I have felt a calm sweep over me and a genuine gratitude for that time in my life. And I am also very excited to pick that part of my life up again some day in the future.

In a word, I feel content. I am not anxious. I am living in the present rather than in the past or even in the future.

I am going to end this post with a poem that I find intriguing. It is called "The Seasons of Life" by Joseph Anderson.

"How like the seasons is our life, 

We face the sunshine, storms and strife; 

As seasons come, so they must go, 
We are enjoined within that flow.

In spring we start our journey new, 
When flowers bloom and skies are blue; 
The trees are budding, birds will sing, 
With youth in bloom, it's always spring.

'Tis summer soon, we are mature, 
Face love and kids, home and career; 
It's harvest time, success we seek, 
These sounds of summer leave us weak.

Then autumn calls to have it's say, 
The foliage falls, the hair turns gray; 
The chill descends and soon the frost, 
We think, perhaps on things we lost.

Old winter grips with snow and cold, 
We watch our destined fate unfold; 
As now we near our time to go
And seek life's final afterglow."


Rachel Marie said...

I love this post, and it is so true!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today :) Following you back. Can't wait to read more. totally_rachel

Emily Santos said...

I am glad you've reached a point in your life where you are finding balance. I am still all over the place with my life, figuring out love and career ... trying to give both 100 per cent and it's hard. I think, though, you've obviously worked so hard, and it's your time to enjoy all the fruits of you labour. And I think real friends - whether that be work or school friends - if they're true, they will always make time for you. :)

Thanks for joining our blog hop this week, Rachel. I really like your blog. I think it's really cute.

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