Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Decision

Thank you for the advice concerning my blog! I truly appreciated every comment, email, and tweet I received.

I decided to keep this blog up and for now I will leave it open. I started this blog as an outlet to write when I felt the desire. To get my thoughts out there and find like minded people in the process. I have done so with The Diary of a Dreamer but I think that with the additional followers came the pressure (mostly self-induced) to post daily.

So I will post when I feel the desire and focus on the things that matter most to me.

Of course while contemplating my blog I did some creating...

There is something about creating that "settles me down". It is a release which provides clarity. I hope that all of you have one or several little things that you can turn to when you are stressed. (Feel free to share your de-stressers!)

I am off to catch up on your blogs...have a great Sunday afternoon!


♥ helen said...

Hi friend, remember to blog for you - not for anyone else. Do it when you feel happy about it. I blog because it makes me happy.
Thanks for your nice comments in my blog - it also makes me happy :)
The jewels you make are beautiful. My thing to do to calm down is photographing.

Lana said...

I totally understand about creating and settling. It drives my husband nuts sometimes to see me doing something that he sees no real purpose in (i.e. not involving cleaning or decluttering, which I really do need to do). It's like I need to blog first or scrapbook or edit pictures because that is where my passion is. Once I get it out, I can go straighten something up.

anastasia b said...

I really like that bracelet. Can you take pictures of the jewelry on? I'm kind of weird in the sense where I need to see jewelry and purses on a body. I don't know, it's just a thought. lol. But keep creating and blog on your own terms!

Cindy S said...

Still love that necklace!!!!!
I agree with for you.
As to destressers, not sure I have any as I seem to always be in a dither.

Rachel W. said...

Thanks ladies! :-)
Good idea Anastasia! I've been meaning to take photos of someone wearing my necklaces but I've been so busy! But I am on it!

La Belle Vie said...

I would really miss you if you weren't here, but yes absolutely blog for you!

I've contemplated the same myself and after getting a brutal comment on my blog yesterday wondered if blogging was even something I wanted to do. I decided I do but I'm definitely blogging on my own terms.

Take good care of yourself! ♥

I would love to read your other blog as well! I think that is one more thing we have in common.