Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I have an addiction....

To a bird.

Well, not a bird exactly, but Twitter...the online social network.

Sure I have facebook, this blog, and my email...but NOTHING compares to Twitter which is so darn user friendly I can access it on my phone just as easily as I can on my laptop or desktop.

I love being able to follow my blogger friends on Twitter, and it provides a way for you to know whats going on with me if I'm not posting here.

So lets be friends if you are on Twitter!!! I'll make it easy and post my icon below.

Follow rachel_dancing on Twitter

How cute is that lil birdie?!? I just love it. 

Have a fantastic day blogger friends!! Hope to hear from you on Twitter! :-)


Melanie's Randomness said...

I'm addicted to twitter too. It's so easy & u can just jot something out there! I'll follow you!

anastasia b said...

I use to be addicted to twitter. Hard core addiction. Funny though, when I took a break from blogging, I also took a break from twitter. And since then I kicked it. It's actually been hard for me to tweet. I still manage to do it but I think it's hard because I feel like I'm talking to nobody as before I was extremely interactive. After my blog/twitter, I guess people stopped following. lol.

sEy said...

I'm somehow addicted to twitter too, but lately don't have the time to update. My work consumes all my time. haha.

I'll catch you up on Twitter.

janjan said...

i'm more addicted to facebook hahaha! but i do love twitter. and one thing i like about it is that my closest friends are not following me. i can rant and say whatever i want and nobody cares. :)

Portraying Taylor Ashley said...

thank you for not deleting it stressed me out for a minute ha...

k my email is
thank you so much again. you inspire me.

A Lil Story said...

I am starting to love twitter, but I don't update nearly enough!

I'm following you!- @Alilstory