Monday, July 19, 2010

Yacht Cruise

My hubby is working on his Masters degree and I am taking an intense writing class this summer…needless to say things can get a bit hectic.

After 2 full days slaving over our papers we decided we needed a break!

So we went yacht cruising!

Here are some pics of our little adventure...

I think it is so important to find ways to unwind and have fun when life gets a little stressful. What do you like to do to escape when things get hectic?


sara said...

Zone out with a trashy magazine...though I almost never get to anymore. My little Pie always wants to play. Though that's a pretty good distraction too!!

Cindy S said...

I am big on reading in the tub to unwind. You will SOON (having lots of faith in that) find out that mommies do not get much time to chill.
Today we are going tubing down the channel that runs through our town. As long as Natasha does not yell "Don't let me drown" every five minutes, that will be a nice unwind!

sEy said...

Dear Rachel,

I am so happy to were able to have that Yacht Cruise with your husband. Everyone needs to take a break from the stressful world or work and the busy life.

I love to go out and take a walk whenever I feel stressed.

Thanks for praying for me. You will always be in my prayers too and good luck to your writing :)


janjan said...

same goes for me, i do travel to relax. but when the budget is tight or my schedule won't permit, a movie treat or shopping will do hehehe..

Meg O. said...

You totally look like Victoria Beckham in the first picture. Looks like it was a blast! I'm jealous!

Jennifer said...

Oh it looks so fun! Yea for you guys!

Cat said...

your pics, oooh I love them- it's kinda making me want to post pics on my blog. I love it when a photo captures the joy of a moment.

As for me, to relax, I write, I go for coffee or dinner with my besties, I watch Law and Order: SVU or read a trashy novel (guilty pleasures), or go thrift store shopping. I also like hiking, being by he water, anything outdoorsy or adventurous. Great post. I'm enthralled with your blog.