Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Biggest Loser = UNHEALTHY

I will never understand the hype surrounding The Biggest Loser. I am going to be quite frank and admit I absolutely hate the show.

I suppose if you like the exploitation of overweight people then maybe Biggest Loser is your thing. Starvation, deprivation, and being pushed to ones physical limits are apparently good forms of entertainment now days. Who wouldn’t want to watch a fitness trainer drive contestants to the point of tears and emotional breakdowns? And of course the cameras are there to capture every breath-taking second. It seems that the drama of unrealistically rapid weight loss is compelling and I simply can’t appreciate it.

I realize I am in the minority and that The Biggest Loser is a huge hit. Its viewers think it is moving and openly cry tears of joy when an overweight contestant drops weight.

Nothing says true beauty and inspiration like dropping tons of weight in a quick crash diet like time period, right?!

But what is Biggest Loser doing to promote a healthy lifestyle? Is this sort of hasty weights lose obtainable long term? Experts say no. Biggest Loser also fails to appropriately address emotional reasons for weight gain. This sort of thing takes professional therapy.

Kia Hibbard, a former Biggest Loser contestant, has come forward recently to reveal that the reality competition not only forced her to lose weight in most unhealthy ways possible, but also gave her an Eating Disorder….one that she still battles with today. Kudus to Kia for having the guts to come forward about this.

And if you think I sound bitter about Biggest Loser…don’t even get me started on Jillian Michaels (aka the worst role model in the history of women) I don’t really even need to explain myself on this one…I’ll I feel I need to point to is this:

"I can't handle doing that to my body," -Jillian Michaels when referring to pregnancy.

I don’t even know how to begin addressing the issues Jillian must have with her own self esteem. I truly feel sorry for her. I’ve suffered from an eating disorder and I can smell one from miles away. Jillian is doing nothing more than glorifying the “skinny is everything” mindset. I worry about this woman. I pray to god she has limited contact with children…she has done enough damage to grown adults.

I will close my rant by saying I would rather see a show promoting a long-term healthy lifestyle no matter what your size that is not so heavily focused on numbers.

I am sure I offended some BL fans. I would say that I am sorry but to be honest, I really am not. I think that everyone, regardless of weight is beautiful. The inside is what matters most, the outward is only temporary. True health (physical and mental) should be the focus, not the numbers on the scale.


Erin Wallace said...

I Totally agree with you! Esp about Jillian Michaels. That woman is a sadist with obvious has food issues. The show just seems exploitive of people who have done everything and still are large. How about a show that teaches us to love ourselves as we are, not just if we reach a societal ideal?

xo Erin

sara said...

I watch the show...and have for years. But you have to assume people who are eating 1000-1200 calories a day adn then working out for 8 hours are bound to lose crazy weight. It's not healthy and the weight loss likely won't last.

sEy said...

I never watched the show in my entire life. I'd rather watch Sponge Bob tossing burger patties in Crusty Crab. (I love children, that'w why!)

I have a friend here who is on the process dieting but on healthier way. The doctor told her she could eat anything she want but in moderation and loosing weight shouldn't be drastic.

I feel sorry for the model! Doesn't she know that motherhood brings the real happiness a woman could experience in her entire life? She's missing something.

I also remember the literature class I was in back in college, when the professor told us that ancient Greek painters love the body of the fat woman to be their subject of their curve. That's an art and we should love each other the way we are!!!!

Manzanita said...

Amen. I too, have never watched the show. You know that weight will be back, just like the robins in the spring. I must live in a mushroom cave because I don't have the foggiest who Jillian Michaels is. Doesn't sound like I'm missing much.

janjan said...

I'm not a fan of that show Rachel. And I agree with you, the show is exploiting overweight people, promotes unhealthy lifestyle and gives everyone the wrong notion about losing weight the healthy way.

kj said...

For someone to make a statement long after the season has faded from the memories of its fans... and remember, their 15 minutes of fame has faded as well... a fresh, controversial statement brings that person right back into the spotlight.

Shame on her. Eat healthy food, and exercise. Don't blame a TV show for being messed up when you're the one who went to them for FREE help.

It's Hollywood for God's sake! It's about money, not people.

Meg O. said...

I totally agree!! That 'biggest loser camp' is actually the worst way to lose weight because it's so fast. No wonder a lot of them end up gaining it all back. It is kind of fun to watch, though. NOT TO MENTION, they give NO tips on the show, unless companies sponsor it! It's really not a "healthy diet/lifestyle" show, it's truly "let's see who can lose weight the fastest" show. It makes me mad. Because NOBODY gains any sort of knowledge on how it SHOULD work when you decide to take up a healthy lifestyle!!

Alicia said...

Stopping by from New Friend Friday! Great blog post, I couldn't agree more with what you said. In fact, I struggle with my weight and joked with my doctor about going on Biggest Loser. My doctor let me know in no uncertain terms how unhealthy losing weight on a program like that was. Now, hearing some of the horror stories from past contestants I am glad to stick to a program like Weight Watchers ... slow and steady wins the race. :)


Cevallos Family said...

I agree...I can't stand that show!!! Surely there are better ways to lose weight! Found you on the Girl Creative's New Friend Friday!!!

Brianna! said...

I love honest people.
Whether I agree with you on the post or not, doesn't matter, I just the way you are so honest about your views on the matter:)


Jennifer said...

AMEN!! This is why I love you! You say what needs to be said. :)

I do not like that show either. I feel so bad for those people on there. I only watched it a couple times when it first came out...never gotten into it at all.

I read that article where they quoted Jillian as saying that and I just couldn't believe it. ugh!

Cat said...

I SO AGREE WITH YOU! Thank you for writing about this. The more of us that object, the better the world will be in my eyes.

Shannon Henrici said...

Amen! Thank you for that post! I had a sister in law who suffered from an eating disorder. It almost killed her and almost destroyed her family. The clothes manufacturers are not helping this matter. I am a size 10 or 12 depending on the day or cut of the outfit. But I am an XL in Target or Old Navy. What the heck!? The average size of women to day is 10 or 12. I am extremely fit, active and healthy. What do women wear above this size? No one wants to have to buy XXL or 3X - demoralizing. I hate going shopping, because I hate trying on clothes. I just buy clothes for my toddler, much easier.

I am with you 100%