Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sex and the City

Alright, I have a somewhat guilty confession to make.

I love Sex and the City.

There. I said it.

Yes, I am a nice Christian girl and yes, I do enjoy Sex and the City.

Does this make me a terrible person?

I don’t believe it does.

True, the “sexcapades” featured in the show and movie are not things I would condone myself…but I don’t watch it for that.

I watch it for the friendship, the fashion, and the wonderful realization that women who are quite different can bond together.

I am an adult. I am able to filter out the bad and enjoy the good. So I will be going to see Sex and the City 2 with a couple girl friends next Thursday night.

I am looking forward to a night out with the girls. I don’t do it often. We are having cosmopolitans at my place and then going to the theater.

In the celebration of women being friends and not enemies…cheers to SATC!


debwagner said...

I agree. I too am a Christian and have a weakness for SATC. Like you said, we are adults and are able to tell good from bad. ed

Debrah said...

I am following you from Follow Me Back Tuesday!

I have never seen it. I am afraid that once I started, I couldn't stop! :)

VKT said...

You know what Rachel dear, we need more Christians like you. As long as you are okay with God, no one else should judge you sweet lady. So, go enjoy your gf's tonight and have a great time. I am attending a rehearsal dinner tonight and I just might have a cosmipolitan too. Blessings!

pink82 said...

This is a very refreshing post! I like that you are firm in what you believe and are still able to enjoy things like SATC. I don't see a thing wrong with it. I agree with VKT, we need more Christians like you in the world!

Jennifer said...

I agree with you! I loved the show when it was on tv and can't wait to see this movie.

janjan said...

i don't think it makes you a terrible person. i would like to watch it as well coz i've been hearing good feedbacks about the show. i haven't seen a single episode of it. okay, i'm not cool hehe...

enjoy your girls night out....!