Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Standards of Beauty

Yesterday at work I was greeted with a flyer on my desk announcing that “permanent makeup is finally available on the lakeshore.”

I laughed out loud when reading this. Really? Is this how far vanity has stretched? Getting the equivalent of a tattoo around your upper and lower eye lids so that you can look as though you’re wearing eye liner 24/7? Oy vey!

Although I admit I am still a little self-conscience I love the feeling of going all natural. I wouldn’t want permanent makeup in a million years! But apparently, even in my little town, it is in demand.

It made me wonder, if this standard of beauty is felt in a little mid-west city how do people living in New York or LA cope? I would assume that fashion standards and Hollywood influence are at an all time high in those areas.

I wish we women could all band together to stop this insanity. I would love for us all to deny these products so that they cease to exist. But I know that is the dreamer in me, not a reality.

So what can we do to make a difference?

Most importantly keep in mind that beauty is only temporary. That mindset will help you to focus on what is inside rather than out. Proverbs 31:30 reminds me of that-

I personally have stopped reading high fashion magazines. I will never again buy a diet product. I am trying to go natural in regards to makeup at least twice per week.

Is this enough to make a difference?

I don’t know.

But maybe in some little way it is having an effect.

Of course we can still love fashion. I adore being able to express myself through it. But we just need to remember that fashion is outward, it will fade. What is inward will stick around much longer.

What are you doing to buck the current standard of beauty? I’d love to hear from you, remember, every little thing counts!


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I think our society is too focused on beauty and it scares me for my daughters.

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