Friday, May 21, 2010

What Can I Say? I Love My Job!!!

Guess what?! Yesterday at work a lady walked in and wanted me to style her for a ballroom dancing gala.

I already thought that was pretty fantastic because I adore dancing and had thought of dresses for this scenario many times. (I like to day dream…)

So I went to town picking the perfect dress, earrings, etc…

She then asked me “Do you ever watch Dancing with the Stars?”
And I gushed “Yes, it is my very favorite show!”

She proceeded to tell me that she has waltzed with Jonathon (a pro) from DWTS. Ah!!!!

She’s actually had some really cool experiences including teaching workshops at one of the Fred Astaire Studios.

How neat!

I had a ball (no pun attended) helping her with her gala wardrobe. She looked fabulous...I just love helping women look and feel their best!

Plus, later that day my mom came in and I was able to style her for a couple weddings….she looked positively adorable in everything I picked! My little mamma is cute as can be.

Anyway, yesterday was just the definition of the perfect work day so I thought I’d share. Don’t you love when you leave work with a huge smile on your face?

I am blessed!


Le Chateau des fleurs said...

OH fun! I would love my job too if i had yours!
Happy Friday follow!
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Heather said...

That does sound like a great job!!

Nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

What a job! ;)
I'm your new follower from NFF. Please come by and follow me at
anne :)