Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DWTS...it's been awhile.

It was brought to my attention that it has been a while since I’ve posted about my favorite show…Dancing with the Stars!

Not to worry friends, I have still been glued to my TV Monday and Tuesdays at 7 pm. It’s rather pathetic really. About a half hour before it comes on I start humming the intro song as I get my snack ready.

The Hubster probably thinks I’m insane.

My thoughts on last night’s performances…

Pam- She has the most beautiful lines and I truly enjoy how she gets into her character. However her dancing seems a little slow at times…so her technique suffers. But I do like her, and I hope she is safe tonight.

Niecy- Ok. I will admit, Niecy is not the best dancer out there. But she is not bad either. The girl is right; she CAN shake a tail feather. She also manages to have me belly laughing during her pre-dance segments. I find her so fresh and so funny that my votes have gone to her.

Nicole- I have said on this blog before that I am not a fan of stars that have made a living dancing being asked to compete with others who have never danced a day in their life. Do I love to watch Nicole dance? Of course, she is fantastic! But it’s not fair.

Erin- The girl can move. She and Maks make a nice dance couple. But does anyone else find her a bit annoying? I have to believe that she is a fairly intelligent individual having been a reporter for several years. Yet she plays this whinny ditz card which dumbs her down and makes her look foolish. I’m kindda getting sick of her whole spiel. But maybe her antiques will settle down now that the competition progressing.

Evan- He and Anna have put together some amazingly entertaining performances. I thought that their dance was the best last night. I have consistently enjoyed watching them and I truly hope they are in the finials!

Chad- I really like he and Cheryl. What I see in them is constant improvement. She is teaching him something new every week. And being that Chad is completely out of his comfort zone I think he is doing a fabulous job. I hope they stick around!

Now it’s your turn ladies! What did you think of last night’s performances? Feel free to agree or disagree with me, I love hearing your thoughts!


janjan said...

i love nicole coz she's pretty, gorgeous and because she's half-Filipina hehehe... She's a fabulous dancer and she's too good for the show.

casey aubut said...

I am going to have to check out your write ups every week now too! I do the same thing- I am obsessed and critiqe each dancer! ! !