Monday, May 3, 2010

Body Bashing vs. Body Acceptance

It is second nature for many women to bash their bodies. We spend all day loving and caring for others but when it comes to loving our selves we fall short.

Why is it that we can’t see in ourselves what others see in us? We were made just the way God wanted us to be, yet we constantly fight our natural bodies with diets, plastic surgeries, and other media encouraged products.

I am constantly on the lookout for great tools women and girls can use to increase self-esteem and body image.

The True Campaign has a fantastic website that is doing just that.

Their mission is-

“The True Campaign exists to end the crisis of distorted self image by challenging cultural ideals about identity and beauty, so we can be free to impact our world as God intended.

Let’s face it: too many of us dislike our bodies and struggle with eating issues. It’s time to start talking. It’s time to change and take action. For the sake of our future, its time to be True.”

Check out their site by clicking HERE!

I promise I am not getting paid to say this!! It is just my own personal discovery and a cause I find really amazing.


Chennifer said...

Great post Rachel - I will check out that site. Thank you for spreading the word!

Cindy S said...

I bookmarked it. It looks really good and love that is comes from a godly standpoint. Very cool.