Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Big News!

Nothing beats a renewed sense of hope…

And that is EXACTLY what I have today!

Yesterday morning at approximately 10 am I received a call at work. I answered with my typical “Hello Ramona’s this is Rachel how may I help you?”

The lady on the other end explained to me that she was calling on behalf of LSS adoption.

Immediately my heart began to pound.

As she explained their selection process (which I had already been informed of) I zoned out. My hands were sweating so profusely I feared I’d lose grip of the telephone. My mouth felt like cotton and I wondered if I'd be able to string together a coherent thought.

I tuned back into the conversation in time to hear her say these wonderful words-

“You’ve been selected for our program!”

“That is fabulous! We are thrilled!” I exclaimed.

I’m sure the sheer enthusiasm in my voice amused her. I was just down right ecstatic. She chuckled at my dramatics and told me that she was really looking forward to working with us and that she wanted to get the ball rolling right away.

How amazing is that?

I’m almost in disbelief.

I will give you a little background on this agency...

It only picks couples for adoption once or twice per year depending on how many birth mothers they currently have. They are very exclusive. They do not believe in having a waiting list, but your chances of getting selected are slim. If you are selected the process tends to move quicker than your average agency because they only pick 6-15 couples per year. They want to be sure that once you are picked this will happen for you in as timely a manor as possible.

Because we really didn’t feel we’d be selected by this agency my hubby and I have been working with 2 other agencies. We haven’t moved forward with the other two because in the back of our minds we were holding out hope that LLS would pick us, no matter how unlikely.

I am just beyond words. They actually selected us. We can now start taking concrete steps towards having our first child.

The hubster and I WILL be parents.

Oh. My. Word.

Needless to say I am on cloud nine as I type. A big goofy grin is filling my face. The screen is a blur and my head is spinning with excitement.

I am going to speak with the social worker today so we can officially start our process with them either this week or next.

I will keep everyone here updated as we move forward.

To those of you who have been keeping me in your thoughts and prayers thanks you from the bottom of my heart. It means the world to me. Your kind words have touched my soul and I have carried them with me through the tough days.

On a side note, if any of you know of adoption bloggers I can get in touch with please share! I'd love to "meet" more people going through this process.


Chennifer said...

I am SO happy for the two of you Rachel!!!

Anne said...

OMG......this is so awesome!!!!! YAY!!!! So happy for you guys. Keep us updated!!

Cindy S said...

That is so wonderful!!!! I am glad God is moving this forward for you. A friend of mine that I met on CWT as well, adopted two children and it was finalized yesterday. Good things really do come!

pink82 said...

WOW!!!!! That is so exciting! You deserve it. I am really happy for you and your hubby!

debwagner said...

CONGRATS! That is awesome!

Leandrea said...



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Jennifer said...

Woooooooohoooooooooo!!! I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to read this!! Yea for you!! This is the best news. So gald I am catching up with you! How long do they expect the wait time to be? Fill me in. :)