Friday, April 30, 2010

A Friday Rant

I prefer to keep my blog upbeat because general that is how I tend to be. However there are times where a gal just needs an outlet to rant....Today is one of those days.

So with coffee and chocolate at hand (yes, chocolate at 6:30 am) I will write what is bothering me.

Alright, mine isn't this big...but I totally wish it was!!!

My cousin “M” is constantly griping about her child being sick or her child not sleeping. I do sympathize with needing a place to let out frustrations (ahem, I’m doing it here) but at what point is it just too much?

A few days ago her status on facebook said- “Why does being a mother have to suck SO MUCH sometimes?!?!”

Really?!? Being a mother sucks so much? Try being infertile! (I didn't really say that to her.) What I did do was make an effort to be calm, to let it slide. But who am I kidding? I'm an over-thinker. So I am still dwelling on how insensitive that statement was.

It hurt me because I dream of being a mother. I pray there is a way and that God will provide. Being a mother, for me, will NOT suck.

I am not saying I’ll enjoy every last second. I’m not saying that I will have a huge smile on my face when my child poops all over the floor. I’m just saying that because of my struggle I’m going to be thankful for all the little things motherhood brings.

Then another thought came upon me. She has roughly 600 friends on her facebook. Chances are I am not the only one who is struggling with infertility. Who else’s heart broke when reading her status?

I’ll admit at times I have a flair for the dramatics...

But this statement hurt me even more now that I’ve “met” so many wonderful bloggers who struggle with and write about infertility. I can’t believe what some people will say and how truly insensitive their comments can be.

I didn’t say anything to M concerning her status. I haven’t shared my infertility with the extended family and they are all on facebook so I chose to keep my mouth shut.

It feels better already to just air my frustration out via this blog...thank God for this means of expressing myself!!!

Thank you for listening blogger friends! :)


Sabreena said...

Hey, I am over from Friday Follow and I am happy to meet you. As for your family member, I know it seems like she was being insensitive but I think it just happens to moms sometimes. I often get caught up in the day to day grind and forget how fortunate I am to have had my boys. I complain about how much it sucks without thinking of my friends who can't have kids or have one and no ability to have the second child they really want. I can see how you would be hurt but it's tough to remember how precious children are when they are beating you up emotionally and physically. I hope you feel better and that you find a way to become a mom someday. Someone who would appreciate it the way you would totally deserves it.

I really like your blog and am now a follower. I admire that you have chocolate at 630 in the morning.

Busy Working Mama said...

Aww, I'm sorry for your rant. I agree, that was a weird thing for your friend to type....I mean, I have a child and I would take that offense to that statement. Motherhood IS work...but it is the BEST work on earth! That being said, she was probably frustrated and not thinking about what she wrote...the things people put on FB!

Happy Friday Follow! Stopping by and following your blog now. Are you on twitter - if so let me know and I'll follow there. I'm at:

It took a while for me to get pregnant and to finally have a successful pregnancy. I wish you the best and hope you get there one day.

Chennifer said...

I understand that you are hurt chica. sending you hugs!

MelissaAggie98 said...

Happy FF! Just stopping by to say hello!

janjan said...

oh...sorry to hear that.

know what?sometimes I'm tactless in expressing my thoughts via facebook status. now I realize there might be people I have offended. So now I would be more careful and think first. Thanks for making me realize that.

Megan Christensen said...

This is "M." Rachel, I apologize for offending you. I wish you would have said something to me. Having gone through 3 miscarriages, I not only know how it is to want a baby and not be able to have one, I also know how it is to lose a baby and feel like it is all my fault. I think that you and I are very different personality wise but I also think that we have more in common than we realize sometimes. I am so thankful that The Lord eventually blessed you with not 1, but 2 beautiful boys, and even though we do not speak to each other, I think of you every so often and pray that you and your family are well. Take care, I love you, and God bless!