Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award

I confess…I am a huge sucker for blog awards. I just love ‘em, they are so cute! I received my second one for Faithful Fashionista today.

The gal who gave it to me has a great blog called Between Me & My Thoughts Check it out!

Now I am to nominate my 5 favorite blogs for this award…seriously, you ladies are fabulous!!!

In the Middle with You

Cindy's Hangout

A lil Story

Rainy Day Fund

Thoughts from a Blonde

The rules to this one are pretty simple…post a link to the person who nominated you along with links to your favorite blogs. Have fun discovering new blogs!


A Lil Story said...

oh, wow!! thank you so much! I can't believe anyone enjoys reading my crazy thoughts but so glad you do!! =)


Jess said...

Following from FF! Can't wait to read more.

Hope you stop by and visit my blog:

Jennifer said...

Awww...thanks!! You are the sweetest! I have a few of these I need to post about. I've just been so bad lately. Trying to get our birthparent letter and profile finished. But, I think I can finally see the light. ((HUGS))