Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Trip to Minneapolis in Pictures

I love the city skyline…so beautiful!

There were many times where I'd say "Stop! I need that picture!" My hubby gladly would pause and give me time to take my photo...what a sweetie!

We found the most fabulous Gelato place....I was in heaven, it was delish!

Opps, got him mid-bite...

The Old Stone Bridge which I just couldn't get enough of.

I loved this view, I took this photo on a walk we took right before lunch our second day there.

Captured the city & the bridge...

And again...

Look who came along!!! We found a dog friendly hotel and jumped on it!

Hard Rock Cafe of Minneapolis

All smiles!

While walking downtown we found a building that brought back some old memories for my husband...

He went to college in MN and recalled going to a concert here back in the day, so of course I insisted on a photo session to document his return. :)

Tall building with no real significance other then I liked it.

I like how this photo captures a bit of nature and a bit of city all in one. It's neat how you can get both worlds.

Can you tell we bribed him in this picture?

The spoon and cherry at the sculpture garden.

Man, that spoon was HEAVY!

My boys walking through the park.

This mini-vacay was much needed! Boy did I appreciate being able to leave our town for a few days. The hubster and I have been so focused on house hold renovations that to just get away was a blessing. Now we vow to take more little adventures. There are so many lovely things to see and experience.


Chennifer said...

thanks for the tip!
Loving all your pictures - especially the one with both city and nature!

janjan said...

Loved the pictures! and the gelato yum..yum..yum...

Hey, I shared the "one lovely blog award" with you. check this out : http://janjanadventure.blogspot.com/2010/04/another-lovely-surprise.html

Mama Ardie said...

Loved the pics! And gelato rocks, doesn't it??

Anne said...

Looks like so much fun, what a great city!