Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Facebook Phenomena

I am still slightly in awe of who you can find on facebook.

I went to a boarding school my freshmen year of highschool and my best friend whom I’ve had no contact with since that time found me! I was so shocked!

We hadn’t been able to find each other initially because we are both married now and our last names changed…but I recently included my maiden name on my profile and because of that she recognized me.

There are other cases where I’ve been found by old neighborhood friends or old friends from dance class. Heck, I even found a Great Aunt! I think it is fantastic.

I mean, sure, you get those requests from people whom you really don’t want to “friend” because you feel you barely know them…BUT all of those random requests are worth it when the true gems pop up.

Having moved around a lot as a kid I sometimes find that there is a void that needs to be filled concerning my childhood friends...facebook has allowed me to reconnect with them and I no longer wonder where they ended up or how they are doing.

Do any of you have cool facebook stories? Have you found a long lost friend via the world wide web?


A Lil Story said...

I so agree! It has been really cool to find old friends and see what they are up too... I moved like every 2 years during school so I have found a ton of people I used to know...

It does stink though when I get requests from those people that I really don't want to know anymore... I feel bad if I don't accept them! Silly I know =)

Cindy S said...

If it were not for the world wide web, I would not have met you. You have become some one near and dear to me! Now you are my FB budd too!

janjan said...

me too. i met my second degree cousin on facebook. we happen to share the same lastname and he thinks we might be related so he added me. turns out we're really indeed. it was just so cool!