Monday, April 19, 2010

The Making of Our Organic Garden!

Good morning ladies!

Guess what the hubster and I did yesterday after church?!? We started our organic garden! It was an all day event but it was so much fun! The weather was a gorgeous 60 degrees and sunny…we couldn’t have asked for better.

The hubs and I both have a passion for cooking and we love things to be natural/organic. Hippies at heart I guess. So we decided to create a raised bed organic garden in our back yard.

We will grow beans, peas, tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, herbs, and much more! I am really excited to make salsa and other delicious things from our backyard garden.

After we cleared a spot for the soil we had to move it from the truck...there were 2 whole truck loads! Needless to say muscles are hurtin' a bit this morning...

I'm lucky to have a handy man!

Mike made the whole bed by himself...with a little help from yours truly.

"What's going on guys?!?"

The bed is finished!

We are a force to be reckoned with. ;)

All smiles after a hard days work!

We decided to hold off on planting until next weekend...we just don't want to jump the gun with some of our nights still freezing. I will keep everyone updated on our progress! Do any of you have gardens?

PS~ On a side note I did not post this at 4:57 am...I'm crazy, but not that crazy. What is up with my blogs time? Anyone know how to change it?

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A Lil Story said...

Your pics are adorable! okay, I am so jealous... I started a garden once and it was just a disaster. I am scared to even try again but I would love fresh herbs and veggies!

Let me now how it goes!