Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Confessionals!

I came across a blog recently that does “Friday Confessionals” which I thought was really fun and cute. Well, I have quite a few dorky little quirks that are just dying to be confessed…so today I bring you my first “Friday Confessional.”

1) I love the Veggie Tales. Yes, those little cartoon vegetables that sing. No, I am not a parent so I probably have no business watching and listening to them. But I can’t help it. I actually had Jonah: A Veggie Tale Movie on while cleaning the house the other day. And I swear I cannot get those catchy little jingles they sing out of my head. My future child will HAVE to be a fan of Veggie Tales. He/she will not have a choice in the matter.

2) I am convinced my next door neighbor is stalking me and hubby. I have caught her watching us from her window one too many times. And she always lets little observations slip that I find a tad too noisy. It’s gotten to the point that I try my hardest to avoid the woman (I know, I’m terrible.) I even go to the extreme of putting my shopping bags in a huge rubber maid container to take them into the house. That way she can’t see what I’ve bought or where I’ve been. Does this make me a mean person? Maybe. But I don’t think I even care. (Yikes!)

3) Yesterday my sister “B” came to my workplace so I could help her find some jewelry. While she was there she got a text from my other sister “N”. The text said, “Some actress was stabbed…Reese something.” And B and I ran around telling everyone there that an actress was stabbed and we should turn on the news. We had the whole place in a riot. Then B texted N back and asked “Was it Reese Witherspoon???” and N texted back “No, it was with a knife.” Hahaha. It was a JOKE. B and I must have looked like the biggest ditzes around. I even told my BOSS. AHHHHH!

4) I have eaten the black forest ham sub from subway waaaay more times this week then I care to confess. (The actual number will remain secrete.) It is my go to meal when I don’t have time to do something homemade. And the scary thing is…I am not sick of it yet, in fact, I am craving one now, at 8 am!! I don’t think I will ever grow tired of the BFH sub. I could literally eat it every day for the rest of my life. I think. But I’m not going to try.

Gosh, sadly, I could go on and on. But I would not want to scare my readers away so I will stop at that. Besides, most of you are just getting to know me; I can’t let too much slip.

I’d love to see you gals confess some things…come on; I just embarrassed myself, now it’s your turn! Feel free to steal my Friday Confessionals banner. I love to share.

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend! Happy Friday!

***I added an update on my previous post so please check it out!***


cheerchic said...

LOL!!! You brightened my morning with this post. You just crack me up!
Very cute banner design by the way.

Jess2Impress said...

Funny post... I love a good giggle first thing in the morning!

Thanks for stopping by my blog I really appreciate your kind words!

I read your update below and I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!

Anne said...

Lol you are cracking me up with your subway obsession..yummm. I am the SAME way though right now!!! Except to try to save money, we bought all the fixings at the store this weekend. This is how pathetic I am: yesterday my friend went there for lunch and I had her request two little to-go containers of the sweet onion sauce ( I LOVE IT!!!) and then I took it home with me, haha!!! If you have never tried it, you should, even if you do not like onions b/c it doesn't really taste like onions anyways, and it rocks with a little mayo.

P.S. I am totally going to try to get someone with that Reese joke!