Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last Night on Dancing with the Stars

My first thought after watching Dancing with the Stars last night was the distinct advantage stars with previous dancing experience truly do have.

Nicole Scherzinger who has made a living from dancing and singing had an amazing performance. And while I applaud her, I have to wonder if it is slightly unfair she is even competing? I felt the same way with Mya last season. I’m not trying to take away from the obvious abilities these ladies have, but they are competing against stars like Niecy Nash who has absolutely no dancing experience.

You may ask if I feel the same way about figure skaters, gymnasts, and Olympians competing. I do not, and here is why. Yes, they have training experience in an art that is similar to dancing. But it is not dancing. When you have been trained specifically as a dancer I feel that is simply too much of an advantage over someone who has never danced a day in their life.

How do you ladies feel about stars with prior dancing experience competing on DWTS? Am I alone in my thoughts on this subject?

Another thing that I have to point out about last night is…Kate Gosslin. YIKES!!! If you watched it, you know what I'm talking about. What was her problem?? She is sooooooo mean! I felt terrible for Tony who was trying to stay as professional as possible but was pushed to his limit. I seriously dislike this woman. Before I tried to keep an open mind about her but now the verdict is in, she is a BRAT!

I don't like to predict eliminations because you can never tell what the audience at home might be thinking. I can only voice what I thought, and hope that the stars I don't care for get the boot sooner than later.


pink82 said...

Yes and yes! I agree with you on both of your points. Stars who have danced for pay have an advantage with out a doubt. Also, Kate Gosslin needs to be put in her place. Poor Tony!

Anne said...

I agree about the people with dancing advantages, it is not fair. And I LOVE Niecy!!! She is hilarious.

Jennifer said...

Oh I watched last night. I too think it is so unfair that Nicole is on that show. She has way too much experience.

Kate??!! Seriously?? What is wrong with her? Tony is just about as amazing as one can get. She was TERRIBLE to him! I wouldn't have blamed him if he would have walked. Of course he is too professional for that. This sure hasn't helped her reputation. My husband said she is just too bossy! ha! I hope she goes home!