Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jason ~ Our Long Awaited For

Dear Jason,

My little butterball, you are an absolute joy! And I don't say that just because I am your mother, everywhere you go people know you and like you. When only 3 months old you made the local papers front cover with your heart warming story and your precious little face. Although you are only 7 months old you quickly make friends with your adorable smile and infectious laugh. Your father and I joke that you will be student body president once you get to be school age. You are a real charmer my dear!

I will admit it was tough for me to care for all your needs when I was also pregnant. Often times I felt scared that I was not able to give you my best because of my fatigue. But fortunately you are a hearty boy and you helped your mommy out a lot through this process. We call you our "butterball" because you are so big and strong for your age! You will always be my little hero because of your strength and endurance. What amazing qualities to have!

Although your adoption was a long and hard process all of the stress and uncertainty was well worth it for a boy as special as you are. We love you with all of our hearts and could not imagine our family with out you. You are such an amazing addition to our home and we are truly blessed to call you our son.



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Kristine said...

omgosh, jason is the cutest little boy ever. Ah! He is absolutely adorable!!!