Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stir Crazy!

I need a change.

Maybe it is the air shifting slowly from summer to fall....

Maybe it is that nostalgic feeling that always takes over me when students are heading back to school....

Possibly it is the fact that I’ve moved every 6 years my entire life and August marked my 10th year in this lackluster little town....

Right now it doesn’t seem to matter to me that we own our own house here. It doesn’t seem to register with me that my husband and I have good jobs in this town. I just want to get out of here, even if it defies all logic. I don’t want to call this place my home any longer. I want to go someplace bigger, more exciting, with more diversity and more opportunities for people like us.

I want to sell our home for a profit and downsize to a condo or apartment in a larger city. I want to feel the buzz of excitement that comes from dwelling in a place where there are countless adventures to be had.  
That's right, I'd trade my house for this!

I know that this may not be rational…but it is my current dream. And being that this blog is titled the Diary of a Dreamer, I figure my flighty thoughts should be recorded here…no matter how impractical. ;)


♥ Helen said...

Rachel - sometimes we need a change. If you can not do this big change you are dreaming about maybe you can make some changes right where you are living now - positive changes for you.
btw - the part of your home you have showed us on you tube looks very beautiful.
I hope you are happy, take care.

Kristine said...

i know how you feel. What does your husband think about this?

~Rachel~ said...

Thanks for the feedback ladies.

Helen, you are so right...sometimes a gal just needs change! ;)

Kristine, My husband has made our desire to relocate known to those responsible for assignments within his job. But he does not want to have to find a completely new job so we are waiting to hear from them. I'm growing more antsy because we made the request last winter and still nothing. What is meant to be will be I is just hard feeling stuck!