Sunday, August 7, 2011

Married Without Kids

Just as single ladies face the question of "when will you get married?" single couples face the question of "when will you have kids?" Mike and I have been married since I was 23 so now that I am 27 I've been asked this many times. I have found that there really is no easy answer. Yes, we do want kids. But we can't have them at this time. We completed our home study for an adoption a year ago but so far no luck on that front.

Currently I am working through the possibility that we may never be parents. I am trying to find the blessings that result in being a couple with out children. Today we had an awesome "childless" day. We went to a classic car show and then spur-of-the-moment we decided to go motorcycle shopping. We just sort of figured that it would be a great time, while we are a single, carefree couple to cruise around on our own motorcycle. Not having kids allows us the opportunity to do crazy things like that.

In the spirit of counting my blessings and ENJOYING my kid-free life I've decided to compile a list of reasons that it is ok (even fun) to be married with out kids.
  •  I can mix myself a cosmo or pour myself some wine at night and not have to worry about waking up when the baby cries. 
  • I can answer my friends last minute plea to meet her at the coffee shop for girl talk...I don't need to find a sitter!
  • I can have a movie night or dinner party whenever I please. 
  • I can relax on my deck with a book, basking in the sun with no interruptions.
  • I can go on a shopping spree and as long as I get the hubster a little something I don't really have to feel guilty about it. 
  • I can work longer hours which provides financial security.
  • The hubster and I can have a peaceful dinner together ANY night we wish...and we do just about every night of the week. 
  • I can go on my morning run with the hubster and the dogs.
  • I can focus on my career. 
  • I can sit in church with out having to miss my favorite hymn or a meaningful sermon because the baby is fussy. 
  • I can easily hit the spa on my day off.
  • I can spend my weekend re-decorating the house or panting a room.
  • I can loss track of time while surfing the Internet. 
  • I can wear those totally insensible high heels that I would never contemplate teetering in if I was carrying a baby!
  • I have a fabulous excuse to spoil my pups.....they are my babies! ;)
  • I can let a curse word slip or blast a "naughty" song and not worry about the child picking up bad habbits. 
  • I can focus on caring for my husband, my dogs, my friends, and my extended family. 

 I could think of many more reasons to be thankful I don't have children but I am going to end it there. I want to point out that being a parent is a blessing and believe me, I've wanted that pretty badly over the past few years. But right now I am choosing to take a new attitude and focus on what I have rather than what I don't have.

Cheers to all you married couples with out kids!


Jennifer said...

Rachel, you are amazing! I love your positive attitude. As I was reading your list I was thinking...ummhmm...she's right on!

Kristine said...

You really have a great attitude about everything. Don't give up though, I really do believe children our in your future. But in the mean time, take advantage of your child-less relationship with your hubby!

♥ Helen said...

I am happy to see you focus on what you have. I am sure lots of mothers would like to do the things on your list. I love my children, but I often think it is really hard to be a mother...
Enjoy the time with your hubby.

La Belle Vie said...

Love this!!! I honestly don't believe on side has it better I think it's just two different paths and being child free is pretty darn awesome!

Jonelle said...

All those things are pretty awesome! Your attitude is amazing. I got to sleep in this morning - you can add that to the list :)

Anonymous said...

This is great! You are livin the DINKlife = here is 11 best things about being a DINK!

I am the founder of DINKlife and understand!