Thursday, June 30, 2011

One Busy Chica!

I don't believe I've  blogged about my 3rd (yes THIRD) job. The two jobs I've wrote about frequently are my work as a stylist at a local boutique and my company Jazz It Up.

Well, another local business contacted me about doing the interior decorating in their gallery. This had me a little nervous because they are well known in the area for their immaculate window displays. And they wanted me to be in charge of it? I simply couldn't pass it up, even though I knew I'd be crazy busy.

So I am now working at the gallery for an hour or two in the mornings. Am I crazy for keeping my plate this full? Maybe...but being this busy helps me keep my mind off the adoption and off not being able to start a family. Plus, I genuinely LOVE all three of my jobs and wouldn't give anyone of them up. I am blessed!


Meg O. said...

Wow, a third job? You go girl! Sometimes keeping busy like this really can be rewarding, and if you feel blessed about it all - go you!

Kristine said...

sounds like fun and i think you are super smart to keep yourself busy like that. have fun!

La Belle Vie said...

Awesome!!! You truly are extremely talented. ♥ Jessa xx

Sey said...

You're a super girl. Let us see the pictures of the Job well done.