Friday, June 3, 2011

Jazz It Up -- The Emotinal Side

A sense of nostalgia always sweeps through me during the changing of a season. For whatever reason the shift in the weather brings about old memories and wistful reminiscing. As the temperature heated up the other day I recalled a more carefree time in my life. I was barley 20 years old, cruising in my car down the big city streets, I had all the hopes and dreams in the world and new that good things were in store for me. It was a youthful arrogance that everything would work out in my favor....I remember it clearly because it was the only time in my short life that I’ve felt so confident. Long days at the beach, shopping with girl friends, and going out on the town were normal activities.  
I worked hard and played hard those days, but truthfully I still had the support of my parents. And my apartment was one I had snagged an amazing deal on just because of who I knew. I hadn’t yet experienced the “real world”. I hadn’t been fully hardened by lives struggles. The next few years would be pure hell for me, and finally 6 years later I am starting to pull myself out of the deep depression that encompassed my early 20’s. It was a hard fall from the “top”. I didn't always know if I'd live...some nights I'd go to sleep unsure if I'd wake up the next day. In a way I felt like a portion of my life just passed me by, totally wasted.
But I am resilient and I am climbing out of the funk.  Not being able to start a family has been the icing on my cake of my despair, the last blow to my ego which was smashed for various reasons in my early 20’s. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve pulled myself up. Not alone of course, with the help of God and special people in my life I started my company Jazz It Up a couple years ago. It has been largely responsible for the return of my zest for life.
It didn’t start easy, I nearly quit on it several times. It was by no means an overnight success. I‘d work long hours, putting my heart and soul into everything and I’d barely break even. I'd often wonder if all my work was in vain. But something kept me willing to hang on during those hard days…I can’t even fully explain what it was. It was a fire inside, a desire to not let this fail. I wanted to succeed and I damn well was not going down without a fight. For once my stubborn nature was working to my advantage.
I have marketed Jazz It Up to the point of exhaustion. Never forcing anyone to buy, but knowing once they did they would come back for more. And they did! I developed repeat customers who realized I run an honest and quality business. I finally had a base of people who believed in me. They love not only my products but the fact that they know the person who was doing all the labor for what they receive. I take great joy in truly connecting with my customers. I can honestly say that they are more like friends.
I don’t know what I’d do without Jazz It Up. It’s been a creative outlet and the start of a career for me. I have so many people to thank for it that I am overwhelmed. I guess it all goes back to the customers. The customers are the reason I can do what I do. Without them it isn’t possible.  Just thinking about their support brings tears to my eyes. I can’t imagine a proper way to thank them. I give them discounts and I send them cards but I feel like that is a small thing compaired to what they've given me.
Jazz It Up is so much more than my job. It is my heart, my soul, my livelihood, and it is a piece of me along with every lady who has ever ordered from me. It is like a family. It is clear to me that I am not steering the ship, it is my support system that is holding me up and giving me this opportunity. How blessed I am. How eternally grateful.


Meg O. said...

I'm so happy that your business has been doing so well and that it's something that has helped you deal with the struggles of every day life. You definitely are an inspiration, and I know you're a fantastic business woman!

ChinaDoll said...

Hi Rachel, just got back from a very long vacation hahaha...I missed your posts and comments but I am happy to be back. :)

You are a strong and independent woman and I know that you can easily cope and handle these challenges, I guess it's part of our life to encounter some bumps. Thanks for sharing and goodluck to your business!

♥hugs and be safe♥