Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Hubster is in 3rd place!

Alright gals, I have a small favor to ask. The hubster entered an ariens snow blowing photo contest. He is currently in 3rd place and needs more votes. Could you please throw a vote his way? He snow blows friends and neighbors side walks and driveways all winter free of charge. So I really want to see him win this thing!

All you need to do is "like" Ariens - King of Snow, Thros, Blowers & Brushes on facebook. Then "like" his is the link to his pic-

This is what the photo looks like-

Can you tell we are a single, childless couple? We have time to enter these dorky contests. Humor us and vote! :-)


Sey said...

Opps, would love to do it for you Rachel. He is so kind to do that all winter and he deserves our vote. will do it when I got home cause FB was blocked in the office. Shhhhhhh. hahaha!

have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Done! You should enter these snow pics into the Royal Caribbean contest (if its still going on lol)! Win a free cruise!!

~Rachel~ said...

Thanks dears! You are the best!