Friday, March 25, 2011

Adoption Stress

I’ll be honest…I am in a really bad place as far as the adoption goes right now. We heard over a month ago that a birth mom was looking at our portfolio along with 6 others. 2 weeks later we are told she narrowed it down to us and one other couple and that she really likes us. After 2 weeks of hearing nothing we called our social worker who said she was sick and hadn’t been able to call but that the birth mom hadn’t decided yet.
It’s been 2 weeks since that update and we still know nothing. Now I realize and have come to terms with the fact that we must not have been chosen but I feel that I need the closure of an official update from our agency. I just need to hear for sure that we were not picked.  Is that weird?  Am I expecting too much?


FantasyGirl said...

It's not weird. I like official statements more than just assumptions.

And there hasn't been an official statements yet, so might still have been chosen. You never know.

Good luck.

Cindy S said...

Being left hanging just gives your mind time to think too much. I like yes and no as it leaves no room for doubt. You are totally valid in your feelings on this.
Big hug.

Sey said...

I also want a direct answers for whatever it is so that I won't be left hanging.

Just stay strong and you will always be with my prayers.

Ms Kayso said...

No, it's not weird. You have a lot of hanging on with this mother. And you just need to hear that she picked another couple so you can move on.

I bet you, it's not what you think.

Anonymous said...

It is not weird and you are not expecting too much AT ALL! This is a huge step/life changing moment, and you just want to know.
I hope you hear something soon :) Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Sabrina said...

It's not weird at all the you want the "official' word. I always think that until I get the stamp of whatever that there is always a chance. You never know what is going on for the reason that you haven't gotten a update. And that reason might be good in your favor.

Hang in there Rachel.

La Belle Vie said...

Not weird at all. I m praying for you everyday. xx

Meg O. said...

I don't think it's weird to hear official word. I'm sorry this is such a rollercoaster for you lately! I know when the time comes, it's gonna be amazing!!!