Friday, November 5, 2010

A Sad Day For Me & Hubby

The birth mother picked another couple.

I guess it's a good sign that we ended up getting so far in the process...but at the same time to get that far and then not get selected is just heart breaking!!

I'm telling myself that it is ok...this is just Gods way of telling me that was not my baby and there is someone else he has in mind.

Maybe this weekend I can finally catch up on sleep.


Jennifer said...

First of all, sorry for just catching up on this situation. I keep forgetting to check you now that you are sorry. Secondly, I'm sorry you weren't chosen, but you are right, this was not your baby.

I wish our agency wouldn't even call and tell us about someone wanting to look at our profile. If they match our criteria and we match their's, just show them the book for crying out loud! But, that's now how our agency works. They just like to clear things with us...and then keep us freaking out. ha!'s not their fault I freak out.

Praying that you have your baby soon! Hugs!

♥ helen said...

I understand you are sad... be patiet and the right birth mother and right child for you will be there when the time is there. Get yourself some sleep this weekend.

janjan said...

so sad to hear that Rachel... :( i just couldn't find the right words to say...

~Rachel~ said...

@Jennifer, thank you! I knew you would understand...we have such similar personalities and we are going through the same process. I am grateful to have connected with you via blogger!!

@helen, you are so right...this one wasn't meant to be, our baby is out there and we will be united when the time is right.

@janjan, it's ok hun, you don't have to have the right words...just knowing you are thinking of me means a lot!!

J said...

This hurts. It is so hard to realize you could have been chosen...even if the baby wasn't meant to be yours. I'm playing catch up on my blogs, so I see you had some retail therapy after the new goodies!

Thinking of you...praying your baby finds you soon!

Amanda said...

I'm sorry! That must be so hard to go through. I believe the baby for you in on his or her way.