Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Weekend With One of my Best Friends!

There is something so beuatiful about the connection between women. I  have to admit, I am not one who has a ton of close female friends. I don't tend to let my gard down easily and I certainly don't make instinat best friends with every gal I meet. However, the tight knit bond I share with the lady friends I do have in my life could rival the best of them.

One of the women I hold near and dear to my heart is my aunt Cathie. For as long as I can remember she's been someone I look up to. Through the years we've morphed into very close friends. I've always fancied her the big sister I never had.

The road trip I took this weekend was simply fabulous because she made it that way. With our shared love for adventure Cathie and I are a force to be recond with. This weekend we enjoyed cappiccino, Italian dinner, wine tasting, and an interactive musical at an old opera house. Then of course there was the late night girl talk that is a requirement of every sleep over. Sure, we may be grown women but we will not let that prevent us from having a slumber party!

So here's to one of my best friends...aunt Cathie. And to the other ladies in my life that I have actually shared my heart with. It isn't always easy for me to open up, but I'm grateful to have some fabulous friends in my life who understand my little quirks.

Now it's your turn...dish about your best friend(s)!!

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Sey said...

i usually don't make instant bestfriends too. i am a bit careful with the people i trust but when I do know that they are trustworthy everything will follow then. I glad you have your aunt for a best friend. It's unique.