Monday, October 25, 2010

Operation Gain 5 lbs

As most of you know, I have had a difficult battle with Anorexia. I have been in active recovery for almost 3 years now. My journey has had its ups and downs but I am so very proud to say I've gained 20 lbs to date and kept it on consistently.

Of coarse my hubby would like me to put on even more weight so he made me a deal. If I gain at least 5 more pounds I will get a little trip and a shopping spree!!

Now I'm sure that normally bribery isn't encouraged in regards to recovery but in my case I have restored my weight to a healthy point, I am dealing with the underlining issues of my ED, and I've grown outta my super skinny clothes so with an extra 5 lbs I believe I deserve a wardrobe boost!!!

I have always been the kind of gal that expresses myself through fashion. I love combining interesting colors, patterns, and fabric. It is seriously like a hobby for me...I love the creativity!

So I am going to start an "operation gain 5 pounds" list. I've already found a few must haves...

Garden Striped Skirt- Forever 21

Dusty Pink Knit Top- Forever 21

I spent way to much time and had far too much fun on the H&M site. There I was able to style the models myself...everything down to the bangles were my it!

And let me just say...with my new found curves I will be ROCKIN' these outfits far better then the stick figures shown in these pictures. ;-)

So, what do you ladies think? What are some of your fall/winter fashion must haves?


pink82 said...

Way to go with your recovery weight gain, that's awesome! The things you've picked out are really cute. I love that pink forever 21 top.

debwagner said...

Gain those pounds chicka!!!! Curves are where it's at. (And so are shopping sprees!) ;-)

janjan said...

ohmygod i love the skirt!!!

ok, going back to the 5lbs deal... i think it's alright for you to gain 5lbs. i mean it's not that "heavy" (so that's approx. 2kls., right?) Goodluck Rachel! Go for it!!! for the sake of the skirt hahaha! i really love it I swear!

Tiffany said...

that is awesome!