Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Marie Claire Controversy

As most of you have heard by now, Marie Claire blogger Maura Kelly wrote an article titled "Should Fatties Get a Room". Basically her post was an unintelligent, ill-informed rant on people who are overweight. I could dedicate an entire post about how ridiculous Maura's comments are and how unprofessional Marie Claire has been in handling the issue....but that has already been done by many fabulous bloggers. So I am going to make a list of ways you can let your voice be heard.
  • Use your voice on twitter...#unfollowmarieclaire has become a popular tag, use it in your status updates to let Marie Claire know we will not stand for their narrow view of beauty.
  • If you have Marie Claire on facebook or if you a registered with this magazine online delete your account with them.
  • Cancel your subscription to Marie Claire magazine or stop buying it on the magazine stands.
  • Call or write Marie Claire letting them know that you will not stand for the body bashing displayed on Maura Kelly's blog. Here is their mailing address- P.O. Box 7186 Red Oak, IA 51591-0186
  • Contact Maura Kelly to let her know how you feel about her article. She can be reached on twitter @Maurakellyblog or by email at magazinereporter@yahoo.com
  • Contact Marie Claire's editor via email joannacoles@hearst.com
One positive thing can come out of this Marie Claire/Maura Kelly controversy...we as women can come together and support one another. We can prove to the media and the fashion industry that fashionista's come in all shapes and sizes. Here is our chance to raise our voices and take a stand. Who's with me?


Cindy S said...

I had not heard this! Glad I do not read that mag anyways.

As to your previous post....don't call it operation gain 5 pounds!!! Call it operation Marylin Monroe! Okay, so you don't want to be as big as she was but she was sexy and curvy!!!! :)
I am glad to know you are doing so well.

Trish said...

Most Definitely...totally agree!!! Glad to see more blog posts about this!!!