Monday, October 4, 2010

A Little Game...Getting to Know You!

I was tagged by Meg at O is Me to play this fun little getting to know you game. Check out Megs blog when you get the chance, she is fabulous!

Here are my answers to her questions...

{ one } Are you capable of any stupid human tricks?

Well, I can crack my butt. Yes. Crack my butt. It might actually be my lower back but all I know is that when I clinch my butt cheeks in a certain way a pop occurs every time. (Oh heavens, did I just say butt, cheeks, and crack on my blog!? PLEASE forgive me!)

{ two } What is one thing you are absolutely friggin' OCD about that everyone else thinks is ridiculous? Details!

Oh my goodness…there are quite a few things. I guess the biggest thing is the kitchen counter top. I wash it obsessively all. the. time. I’ve even told my hubby “we’ll be eating out tonight because I just cleaned the counter tops.” To which he responded, “um, it’s a kitchen, cooking is what it is for.”

{ three } If you could have any talent or ability, what do you wish it could be (not to be confused with superpowers) and why?

I’d love to know how to ballroom dance!!! Why? Because I’m obsessed with Dancing with the Stars! Plus I do have ballet experience and I just LOVED that so I figure I would love ballroom!

{ four } Who was your celebrity pre-teen/teenage crush? You know you had one!

Rob Thomas from Match Box Twenty.

{ five } Honestly, how much do you sing in the car? And do you care if people are watching? Furthermore, what do you like to sing in the car?

Almost every time I step foot in my car I’m busting out some lyric. I’ll sing along to whatever I’ve got playing. Do I care if people see me? No. I usually figure they just think I’m talking on speaker phone or something. But I wonder if my car-set dance moves give me away…

{ six } How long have you gone without a shower/bath? And what was your reason? You're gross.

About 4 days. And I was camping so please refrain from judgment.

{ seven } Name one food that you could literally eat every single day for the rest of your life.

A whole wheat ham sandwich with all the fixings.

{ eight } It's exactly three months until Christmas! What is your favorite Christmas TV special or movie?

Holiday Inn! (and Charlie Brown Christmas.)

Now the fun part, I get to tag 8 of you!!!

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sara said...

I can crack my nose (less funny than your butt) but sometimes Husband will give me a big smooch and it cracks. It always freaks him out. :)

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

Cracking your butt is quite a feat. lol.

janjan said...

thanks RAchel! and oh, i got a crush on rob thomas too. i think he's way too hoooottt!!!

Meg O. said...

Awww! I love your answers! Sorry I didn't see this any sooner!! I think you need to vlog the butt cracking. It would make my life.