Thursday, September 2, 2010

When I'm Stressed I Create

At this point in the adoption process I would give anything to be in the waiting mode. Instead I've been wrapping up odds and ends for what seems like an eternity.

We are supposed to have everything submitted right now, our Home Study is complete and we passed with flying colors. But we are running into some glitches where our portfolio is concerned.

To top that off during my required physical it was found that I have a UTI. So now I have to spend 10 days on antibiotics and go in for re-testing before we can submit my medical information to the adoption agency.

All this crap kind of gave me a case of the blues...and as you all know, when I am stressed I create! So I made this necklace in an effort to get my mind off things...

I just adore the pendant that I used as a back drop. It is a Paua Shell which is the most colorful of the Abalone Shells. It is found along the coast of New Zealand and is truly lovely. I've sold 3 of them already so I'm guessing it'll be a popular one.

Well, that is all for now dearies. Hope all is well with you...try to make today a fantastic one!


sara said...

The necklace is great!

And it's a really good idea to have other things that occupy your mind during this process. It can be so exhausting and often disheartening that having something happy makes a big difference!

anastasia b said...

oh thats very pretty. I love the colors on that pendant.

sEy said...

That's a wonderful necklace. It's good you're able to divert your stress to other things worthy of doing.

La Belle Vie said...

I love it!!! You are incredibly talented!

I know waiting is hard and gathering all the info is a pain in the derriere, but I love what you do with your energy. This is a great way to release stress!!

I'm waiting for our final (hopefully) hiv tests to come in and since this is the third time we've done our medicals in the last 4 years, I should follow your lead and create something positive. ; ) xx

Jennifer said...

It's so pretty! Sorry you are running into some bumps. Once you are waiting, it's still pretty stressful. :) Waiting isn't that much fun. I'm not patient so it's really not fun for me. Even though I know God has it all worked out for us. He does for you too. Maybe these glitches are just part of the plan to get you to the perfect baby for you!


Meg O. said...

Ouch! I'm so sorry about your UTI... feel better soon! But hey... the necklace is gorgeous!

Amber said...

Following from the Fun Follow Friday!

Hope you have a great weekend!