Monday, September 6, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane

A wave of nostalgia has hit me.

I spend yesterday in my hometown.

I drove by my old house, walked the downtown streets, visited an old favorite local store, hiked one of the coolest trails at the state park. I drove past my old school, my old church, and the library where as a child I spent countless hours devouring books. I walked through the downtown square where "concerts in the park" were held. This town holds so many memories, mostly good, some bad.

As we pack up to leave this place I feel sadness rush over me. It is strange. I have a huge lump in my throat and an ache in my heart.

And as I try to analyze my sadness I realize that maybe it has something to do with me wanting a place to call home. I'm not talking about just a house, I already have one of those. I'm talking about the whole shebang. A town, a community, a church who really knows me, loves me, and encourages me, a neighborhood of friends.

I always feel guilty when I say this...but I think that moving several times as a child really had an effect on me. As a result of my nomadic life I have not felt secure. I miss my old towns and rarely go back to see them. It's as though once my family would move away that place was just erased...gone.

Anyway, I hope I am able to work through these feelings further. I know that driving out of town is going to be difficult and I honestly didn't expect that it would. I guess I've learned a thing or two in the name of self-discovery this weekend.

Our old house-

The library-


Hiking at the local park-

The beautiful scenery-


♥ helen said...

The places at your hometown look very nice. I enjoyed to see the photos.

anastasia b said...

I know how you feel. When I went back to visit my old town I felt the same way. But living in my new area, it's just living. I'm comfortable in my home but the environment doesn't have the feeling of home. But I think once you have your child and they start growing up in their "home", you will find yours.

xo anastasia b

Meg O. said...

What a gorgeous home town! I understand how you feel! I want a community, too. I mean, I am living where I grew up but for some reason, it just doesn't feel like home! So many changes over the years can probably attribute to that. But what a gorgeous place.

Cindy S said...

Oh sweetheart, I totally understand this. More than you can imagine.

Jennifer said...

I felt this same way most of the times I've moved. Until this move. After I went to visit my family and came back to TX this summer, I told Barry that I felt like this was our home. That I finally felt like I belonged here. I love our church family and our friends. I love our little community. Just being a part of this place has made all the difference. It took me three years to get to this point though. It will happen for you!

janjan said...

the photos are beautiful... i also feel nostalgic everytime i went home and pass by the places i and my friends used to hangout.