Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Glitch in the Adoption Process...

In a previous post I mentioned that we were running into glitches with our portfolio. I didn't expand on the situation because I felt that complaining would be useless if this ended up being an non-issue.

Unfortunately, it isn't a non-issue. So now I feel the need to vent.

Hubster and I did our portfolio through picaboo, and online digital scrapbooking site.

Here is what we ended up with-

You get the idea...

I don't want to brag, but the entire thing looks pretty amazing. I poured my heart and soul into learning digital scrap booking this summer. I toyed with it and tweaked it until it was just right.

I proudly dropped two copies at our agency last week.

Then we got the call from our social worker.

She said that the agency requires us to have our portfolio in this-

So for the past week we've been researching our options and pleading with anyone who has the slightest expertise about digital scrapbooking and printing. But it simply can't be done. Our current portfolios pages will not fit into the presentation book our agency gave us.

So now we must re-do our entire portfolio.

I am not mad at our social worker. She told us that if she could she would let us submit our portfolio as is, but because of agency policy she can not allow us to do that.

I am a little upset with the lady who lead our adoption classes. I don't feel it was made clear that we had to use the presentation folder. They never once said they wouldn't except any other types of portfolio. And I had mentioned we were doing digital scrapbooking so I figured we were in the clear.

So now here we are. Home study complete, classes finished, paperwork turned in. But we wont be in the books for awhile because I need to re-do the portfolio.

It took me the entire summer to do the one we have currently, so lets hope I'm able to bust something out a little quicker this time.

I just feel disappointed because all we want is to be parents and now some mundane policy is making us jump through ridiculous hoops to get there.


anastasia b said...

Ugh, thats terrible. I know you're disappointed and frustrated because you just want to be parents, but you have to remain patient. So much easier said then done, but these things will happen in the adoption process. And it will be worth the wait as I'm sure you know already!

Good luck with your new porfolio!

xo anastasia b

Anonymous said...

Im so sorry this glitch has occurred! It really is a beautiful book. I can see how they don't want people making books like yours in case other potential parents cant afford to or know how. Is there anyway you can shrink the pages to fit, like on a scanner? Would the place you order the book from just send you pages in the size you want? I hope things work out.

sara said...

We had lots of those picky "it's the rules" bumps along the way. You've got the right attitude...nothing you can do but move forward.

The book looks beautiful though. I ended up with 3 or 4 portfolios. I got pretty good at recreating a nicer looking book in word. So if you need any help I'd be happy to...just drop me a line.


Cindy S said...

You did a lovely job. I know you will do another lovely job. Take it as a motherhood learning lesson....things rarely work out according to plan and you gotta just roll with the punches.
Big hug.

sEy said...

glitches happen when we don't expect them to occur. Take it as a challenge. Your portfolio looks great and fantastic and I know you'll do a great job on the other one. Your future kid will really be happy knowing you poured out 2 bunches of love and patience to be with him/her. Good luck!

sEy said...
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Jennifer said...

Oh Rachel, I'm so sorry! It sounds like your agency needs to be clear on this. We did our book in Photoshop Elements. You can choose the page size that way. Hope you can get it done soon!