Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Home Study...tomorrow!!!!

The time has come...our home study will be complete by tomorrow evening. It is a day we have been waiting arrive for so long. Having it done will mean that our social worker can finish our profile. Soon we will be "in the books" for birth mothers to look at!

Now the big question...what in the world do I prepare to eat when the social worker comes? I am thinking I'll make brownies and have a fruit platter available. There will also be a variety of drinks. Is that enough?

Oh gosh, I am so excited...I am a little nervous too but that is only natural. I do feel confident that she will like our home and see that it is a good place for a baby.

Thanks for all your advice and encouragement on my previous post. I have some very awesome followers. I love ya all to pieces.

Have a fabulous day everyone!!!


Lana said...

Don't forget to breathe! ;-) I am sure you will both do a fine job and that your house is perfect for a baby. Even the perfect house can have its issues, it just depends on how curious your baby is as he/she grows up and starts moving around! That's one thing about being a parent; you prepare the best you can, and then stay on your toes for when the unexpected pops up!

sara said...

Breath and relax. That's all you can do. And the food/drink sounds like more than enough. We had all kinds of stuff and never had a social worker accept any of it. But it was yummy for us after they left :) good luck and let us know how it goes!!

Cindy S said...

You will do wonderfully. Just be the fabulous person you are!

sEy said...

congratulations....I can't believe you're already getting there. I am happy for you!!!

Relax, I know you can make it and soon you'll be a good mother. The child will be very lucky and don't worry about the food. That is okay and the social worker will be happy seeing your home.

Jennifer said...

I know it will go just perfectly!! The food ideas you have are plenty. The only thing our sw accepted was a bottle of water. Can't wait to read all about it!