Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blog Journal--Day #4--Favorite Book

I am a book worm so making me pick just ONE favorite book is like torture! I have the hardest trouble picking just one.

But when it comes right down to it the book that symbolizes my beliefs in a nut shell is The Bible.

It's pages have granted me comfort in the hardest of times. I know that in an ever changing world this book will always remain the same.

The Bible is a book I come back to time after time because I learn something new with every read.


Meg O. said...

It's incredible how the Bible really does always seem so steadfast and how you can read it with new eyes each time.

Meg O. said...

Yes, I'm a teacher! I teach and direct high school theatre. It's a crazy fun job! Been doing it for the past 4 years. I've got the kiddos who want to be there. I get to have fun all day, even though I put in a lot of hours after school directing plays. Are you planning on teaching? I remember you posting about your current job and it being retail. Anyway, yay for teachers!

Rachel W. said...

Hey Meg!

I am not using my ECE degree right now. I style women for special events/weddings. I really enjoy my current job so I have not looked for anything in ECE. I know it is in my future though.

Your teaching situation sounds great! It is very rewarding I'm sure. Plus you get to tap into your creative side which is awesome. :-)

sEy said...

Let's add that the bible is a book complete with all the subjects and lessons in life. You had picked the right one.

a BIG YAY!!! for TEACHERS....(opps, I am a teacher too and you're right Rachel it's very rewarding.