Monday, August 9, 2010

Blog Journal--Day #3--Favorite TV Show

I have lots of guilty pleasures but I'd have to say one TV show stands above the rest at this point in time is...

Dancing with the Stars!!!


anastasia b said...

I never really got into "dancing with the stars". I think it's because I don't care to see stars suck at dancing. I really love the show "so you think you can dance." That's impressive.

but kudos on the dance show!

xo anastasia b

Yaya' s Home said...

I miss TV. We used to have it, but no connection where we now live. hmmmmm. Maybe after the bills are all paid down.

~ Yaya

Rachel W. said...

Anastasia- No worries, I know my love of DWTS is dorky! ;-)

Yaya- Sorry to hear about your lack of TV. Most of the time you are not missing much though...great shows are hard to find now days. At least for me!