Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Telling my Boss the News

Our adoption is such exciting news.

I practically burst at the seams whenever I think about it!

Why then am I so terribly nervous to tell my boss we are adopting?

My stomach literally turns into butterflies when I contemplate breaking the news to her. I tell ya, sometimes I am such an odd ball.

As part of our paper work we are required to have our workplace fill out a form. This form stares back at me day after day, beckoning me to bring along and have it competed. I have been ignoring it, completing other paper work first.

But I know that the time is fast approaching that I simply need to buck up and tell my boss the news.

I love my boss, really, I do! And I know she is very satisfied with my work. In fact, I received a raise within a few months of being hired. So why am I so anxious about telling her of our plans to adopt?

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Tips? Stories about when you told your boss you were expecting? (Whether it be through adoption or pregnancy.)


sara said...

I didn't want to tell my boss either. For different reasons though...I hate my boss. I hate him knowing anything personal about me, I hate him asking questions about my life. I ended up announcing it to our whole office at the same time. Just a big FYI a baby is coming.

Jennifer said...

I have a great boss. She knew we were doing fertility treatments because as a teacher I was missing several half days each month. I just told her what was going on and she was super sweet. She went through fertiltity issues years ago and actually conceived her boys on clomid. She was super supportive when I told her we were going to adopt. I just went into her office and told her we had stopped the fertlity treatments. Of course her knowing about that made it easier.

She's already got a sub lined up for me when I take time off after the baby is born. Although who knows when that will be. ha!

Good luck, Rachel. I know you will find the words to tell your boss your wonderful news!

Ratz said...

So good to know that you are planning to adopt. I have no idea though how i would it when i adopt... but i am stopping here to say that this is beautiful

All the best

sEy said...

If I would be in your situation, there wouldn't be any problem because my boss is so cool. She may even give some tips and advice.

I don't see any problems telling the news to your boss. You have to do it and I guess the sooner the better.

I wish you luck in telling your boss the news.

Cindy S said...

When my maternity leave with Ethan was up....well I was five months pregnant with Natasha. Now how do you tell your boss that yes, you are coming back but only for four months? I found it was best to just say it! My anxieties were much relieved after that!
Bite the bullet baby, just let her know and get it out of the way!

janjan said...

i'm sure she'll be happy for you rachel so don't be afraid to tell her the good news.