Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm at it again...

The individuals that we idolize as fashion icons have always intrigued me.

Women will enthusiastically respond “Audrey Hepburn” when asked who their fashionista inspiration is. And I will agree, Audrey was nothing short of fabulous. But women know her story is also quite tragic? No, they focus on the outward…a tinny little pixy with beautiful eyes that ooze glamour. The painful truth is that Audrey battled mightily with depression and an eating disorder.

In the world of fashion I have encountered countless women who adore Keira Knightly. They think she is lovely. They hold her up on a pedestal. I simply do not see it, she looks skin and bones to me. My heart breaks whenever I see her photographed. It takes me back to the darkest days of my eating disorder.

I often contemplate what society might be like if we had more realistic bodies to admire.

Are these ladies any less gorgeous then the before mentioned fashion idols?

I realize that what I am saying isn’t popular or trendy. Let’s face it; I am criticizing women for what we’ve been preconditioned to idolize for decades.

I have angered many a fashionista with my viewpoints.

But that's ok, I don’t mind being different.


Cindy S said...

As a plus sized girl....I am not angry at your comments at all!

sEy said...

I am not angry but totally agree with you.

People have different views about sexy bodies. Skinny bodies appeals to some while big boobs and butts were in to others!

janjan said...

I used to be skinny..maybe 5 years ago. Lately, I gained weight and I tried so hard to shed off some pounds. But I realized that I should not make drastic change with my body just to please other people. If I'm comfortable with it, then I should learn to accept it as it is and be happy. After all, being sexy isn't measured on the curves and how much skin you can show. It's how you exude confidence.

this is a great post rachel. certainly a wake up call to all women who were trapped in the wrong notion of beauty and fashion.

The Bipolar Diva said...

I found you on Friday Follow. I can't wait to begin reading!

MageeBaby said...

WHEW! Keira needs a burger. Somebody throw her a burger AND some fries!!!

Yep, it's crazy how people look to the media(me included) and judge themselves as pretty or not. Silly. We are all preciously made and why would we want to be just like everyone else? Just a lie we believe sometimes.

VIsiting and following from FF. Hope you can stop by. :)

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

I think all of these women you pictured are BEAUTIFUL.

I read a lot of autobiographies from old Hollywood and all women are plagued with insecurities. It is time to start celebrating ourselves. Most of what we see these days is airbrushed anyway.