Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"I'm still a Rock Star, I've got my Rock Moves!"

This may be a random post but…I love Pink! No, not the color, the singer.

I'm sure in "real life" Pink would be a gal I would avoid. But somehow I find myself a fan of her music. What caused this??? I am usually a mellow rock kinda girl.

It’s just that when I have to do house work or if I am going for a run Pink has the ability like no other to charge me up. I feel as though I can kick some major booty when I’m jammin’ out to Trouble or So What.

I am slightly embarrassed to admit this because it makes me feel like a teeny bopper….

but actually Pinks music is totally opposite of teeny bopper, ever hear “Stupid Girls”?

When it comes right down to it I think I've always been able to relate to Pink on some level...I am a bit of an odd ball and have at times felt a tad "missundaztood". (hehehe, I am loving these "Pink Puns" a little too much.)

I remember in high school me and a friend choreographed a dance to “Get this Party Started”. I think that may have been when my Pink obsession began. And I've been unable to shake it.

Does anyone else have a musical obsession that is out of the norm for them? If so, please share! If nothing else it’ll make me feel better about my preference for a certain Punk Pop Queen.

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cheerchic said...

This post makes me smile. I still find myself a fan of Britney's music after all these years. I just can't help it!