Monday, March 22, 2010

Lacing up my Running Shoes

Spring is in the air! It has been sunny and in the 50’s, which to us mid-west folks is balmy. It is also a great time of year for a runner. My husband and I try to run a couple miles every weekday. It’s something we enjoy doing together and we take our dog with us, so it’s a family affair.

This weekend we found the race we would like to start the year off with. It is a big race, not like the smaller ones we’ve done previously. At the small town ones we’ve had much success; I even won my age division last fall at the Fit for Life race. But my mindset going into this bigger race will have to be re-wired. I tend to be competitive but this race will be all about the experience of going up against elite runners. It will not be about winning but about finishing with a respectable time that hubby and I can feel good about.

I am actually really excited. There is no pressure for me to put on myself as far as placing goes. It will give me more of an opportunity to enjoy race day.

Are any of my blogger friends runners? Or do you find other ways to work out? And yes, shopping most certainly does count as a full body workout…the more bags the better!


dwtsfan said...

I like to go to jazzersize for a workout. And shopping too of course! :)

Anne said...

Yes, me!! But I think I already told you that on FB. :) I miss it so much now that I am pregnant, I never thought I would say I always had a love/hate relationship with running before. I cannot wait to register for a jogging stroller!! :)