Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dancing with the Stars season premier!

I am very much a girly girl in certain aspects of my life. That defiantly shows itself in my love for Dancing with the Stars. The glitz, the glamour, the fabulous dancing…I can’t get enough! And even though I was less than thrilled with this seasons cast that didn’t stop me from completely vegging in front of the TV for the two hour premier last night.

Here is a rundown of how each of the contestants scored and my opinions on them…

Aiden Turner- 15
His performance left much to be desired. Before he hit the floor I thought maybe he’d surprise us but that just didn’t happen. I don’t think he’ll last long.

Buzz Aldrin- 14
How amazing is he?!? 80 years old and moves so well! I give him tons of credit for doing this.

Chad Ochocinco- 18
He was my personal favorite of the night. The man can move. And with Cheryl choreographing for him I think he will go far.

Erin Anderews- 21
She is a good dancer. Maks is her partner, and they are undoubtedly a good looking dance pair. They will most likely advance in this competition.

Evian Lysacek- 23
No big surprise here…we figure skaters have moves! Ok, maybe I am a little biased with that former statement because of my past in figure skating. Honestly though, he definitely has fluidity and grace the other male competitors don’t yet have. I’m sure he’ll go far.

Jake Pavelka- 20
I thought the natural rise and fall that is supposed to occur in a Viennese Waltz was extremely choppy. I’m not sure if he has what it takes. But Chelsea is a great partner; she seems to always bring out the best in her partners. We’ll see what they give us next week.

Kate Gosslin- 16
Oh boy. She just did not do well. She looked scared. But I do agree with what Carrie Ann said…Kate is not a performer or an athlete like the rest of the cast, this puts her at a disadvantage.

Nicole Scherzinger- 25
She wowed the crowd and the judges! It doesn’t surprise me though; she has dancing in her background. I’m not sure how I feel about semi-pro dancing stars competing with other stars that have no experience whatsoever.

Niecy Nash- 18
Oh my, she is a doll! What an entertaining women! I like her personality so much and for that I hope she can advance in the competition. But I think she will need to focus a little more on perfecting her steps for that to happen.

Pamela Anderson- 21
First of all, I am still slightly shocked Pam Anderson is a contestant on DWTS. But I decided to watch her with an open mind. And you know what? She did really well. I didn’t care for the over the top hair flips, but the women’s got moves. I think she could surprise us.

Shannen Doherty- 18
I thought it was so sweet that she was dancing for her father. And the dance actually went better then what I expected based on rehearsal. I wonder what she’ll bring in the weeks ahead with less practice time? Her partner Mark Ballas says that he can see potential. We’ll find out!

That wraps up my Dancing review…I have now displayed to my blogger friends what a DWTS geek I truly am! Do any of you watch this show as religiously as I do? If I have a few followers that do I will continue my reviews of each show.
Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone!


Cindy S said...

Ummmm, I am having an issue with this post. You put up a pic of Kate Gosslin wearing a long sleeve tee, yoga pants and gold heels! What is wrong here? Heels? really?

Anne said...

LOL at Cindy's comment...that is pretty funny.

So far I like Niecy, Chad, and Jake. :)

Rachel W. said...

LOL Cindy...and get this, Kate was THE ONLY ONE I could not find pictures of in practice. I wonder if she was a diva about letting the cameras in?

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I love DWTS but I sometimes miss it due to travel and a whiny husband winning the TV battle. I will appreciate another skater's take!

dwtsfan said...

You know I'd love more DWTS posts!!!!!!!!!