Friday, March 12, 2010

Kitchen Before & After

The kitchen is defiantly the hub of our home. That is why we were very happy to have a larger kitchen space to work with when we purchased our house. However this large space was also a large mess! It was in disperate need of some updating. My hubby and I took it on and here are the results!

Yuck! Green counter tops. Those needed to go.

Another thing on the "to go" list was the floors. I couldn't rip that outdated light fixture off the ceiling quick enough!
We said bye-bye to the dark brown cupboards and went with a lighter color. I love the results.
Here is another before and after of the cupboards.

This is our back entry which leads right into the kitchen. I have no befores of this, but just picture dark brown and green ugliness and you get the idea.

So, that's it! Our kitchen remodeling project. Have any of you taken on a household project with your hubby? If so please share! I'm all ears. And let me know what you think of our project.
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Anne said...

Wow, that looks great! Very modern, I like it. We are finishing our upstairs right now and it will be our large master suite when we are done. I am struggling because I want it to be perfect and cannot decide what to do with it!!

dwtsfan said...

Wow, it looks amazing! You did great! I love that you and your hubby took it on together.

Rachel W. said...

Thanks Anne & dwtsfan!!
Anne, I know how you feel about struggling to decide what to do with your master suite! Maybe you should post pics on your blog and take recommendations/ideas from your readers. :-)