Monday, May 6, 2013

Blogger/Google Changes...I'm Confused!

There have been changes to google with regards to how we are able to follow blogs...and I will admit, I am confused! I don't know how is best to direct you to follow my blog and I also find it frustrating when I'm trying to follow your blogs. I have always followed blogs and had people follow my blog through google friend connect. Is that basically a thing of the past? Does anyone still get their updates from the blogger news feed or am I just kicking it old school? Is it wise for me to have you subscribe via email and start following blogs that way as well? It just seems to me that there is no longer a universal way to follow a blogger blog. HELP! 

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Kristine said...

the way i follow blogs is from the blogger home page...

look under reading list, "add". A pop up with show to enter the blogger's address. and then click follow. that should add to your reading list on blogger itse;f

Sandra said...

Hi Rachel :)

The way I follow blogs is through Feedly, and a lot of bloggers use it too. Used to be Google Reader but that is going away here shortly, so a lot of us have switched to Feedly.

Just add the blogs you want to follow in there, you can even make lists by categories etc. Hope that helps :)

Or you could just add a blog list to your blog, in the layout section and add blogs there.

As for tips on the homemaking, I really don't have any lol I think the one piece of advice I give everyone is this "always make time for yourself", and keep a routine, it helps :)

Sandra said...

I mean tips on the stay at home mom thing, not homemaking, sorry.

Anonymous said...

I switched to using Feedly for subscribing to and reading blogs, and I looove it. They dont have a "follow" widget for your blog though. You can use Blog Lovin' for having prople follow you. They have a widget you can add to your sidebar. You should also add Bloggers widgets for RSS, and subscribing by email. All those give people lots of options for following you :)