Friday, March 22, 2013

My "Dressing Room"

The top level of our home is a half story. We have two small rooms, an attack, and a half bath. When toying what to do with it we decided to utilize the space for a Master Bedroom and a walk in "dressing room" or closet. I thought I'd give you a little "tour" of what I have in my dressing room area.

I hang most of my items so that they stay wrinkle free but for those things that are better left folded I store in this dresser. The top of the dresser displays my favorite earrings and bracelets. If you have the room to do it, I think it is fun to showcase your jewelry  That way you can enjoy it not only as an accessory but also as a piece of room decor. :)

Want an excellent way to store bras? Buy a shoe hanger and store them in the slots as shown below. They keep their shape nicely and they are easy to access. No rummaging around a drawer to find what you need and then having it be ill shaped when you do locate it. 

Never underestimate the power of a good shelving system! I am a hug fan of baskets and decorative boxes (mostly from Hobby Lobby) to get the job done.

 As I said before, I enjoy displaying my "fun" jewelry pieces. Finding a wall hanging can save space and provide some eye candy on your wall.

The vanity, the girls go-to station! Here is where I keep my makeup products and brushes. I don't actually use a ton of makeup. My guilty pleasure is NAIL POLISH! Maybe I will have to do a blog post on that one day. :)

Here is how I store my brushes...a glass jar filled with marble stones. It is easy access and keeps them neat and clean.

I cleaned out old diffusers to store my eyeliner. 

My laundry basket! I love it! I tend to loath laundry but I find a fun and fabulous laundry basket makes it a much more bearable duty. ;)

So there ya have it! My "lady lair" as one of my youtube friends called it. What sort of a system do you have for your clothing, jewelry, makeup, etc?

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