Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Be Gone!

As a "northern" girl I am accustomed to frigidity cold winters. As I get older I find myself loathing them more.  I have some major cabin fever so to remedy the situation I purchased an adorable pair of open toe flats from Anne Klein.

Yes, it will be a little while before I am able to break these babies in. But just having them in my possession gets me excited for Spring time and warmer weather. Have any of you started your spring wardrobe? What are some of your warmer weather staples?


Noel Marie said...

Girl, we were meant to be bloggy buddies...today's post my outfit is totally geared towards a warm weather day (I had to swap out the shorts in favor of pants for real life) and a few days ago I featured the two new sandals I bought for when spring rolls around!! I like a woman who plans ahead ;)

Glad I stopped by, following along now for sure!


Debbie Unger said...

Ok...I LOVE these shoes! I am stopping by & now following from Fabulously Smitten! I am so excited to have a new bloggy friend. Thanks for stopping by today!