Monday, June 25, 2012

Love For J's Birth-Mother

At first she was an unknown face who had picked us from a sea of portfolios. She was fastidious regarding the process at hand which made the match meeting very crucial. But despite all this I honestly wasn't nervous. I had come to a point that I was very excepting over what may come of the adoption and potential birth mothers. 

The day arrived quickly and as we waited to be called into our match meeting my mind was filled with curioucity over who we would find on the other end of the door. When we walked into the room we saw a beautiful yet damaged young girl. Her dark eyes were filled with sorrow yet her brief smile hinted of hope. She was visibly embarrassed about the situation she had found herself in, looking down at the table rather then facing us. After telling a story of abuse and neglect on the part of her family I found my heart aching for her. Other then her best friend, whom she was living with, she was alone. 3 weeks away from her due date and she had very few resources. She was giving up her son so that he could have the life she couldn't provide for him. 

Giving us the most precious gift...

Through out the weeks leading to the labor and delivery we grew very close to Jason's birth-mom. She said on several occasions that although it seemed odd she could totally trust people she just met she truly felt good about her decision to place her son with us. We confided in each other and developed a strong relationship. To this day I feel in my heart that she is like a sister to me. And although things have changed and  very difficult decisions have had to be made concerning our relationship, I still love her unconditionally. I always will. 

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